Tex Yea Technology Inc. is one of the trailblazers in Taiwan’s semiconductor components distribution industry. The main operation is focus on Great China which including Taiwan and Hong Kong. The sales and service function spread across 3 segments which including power management、networking&telecommunications and consumer electronics. Within environmental evolution at the consumer’s end means electronics’ different development categories are more diverse now, complicate and innovation-orinted. We foresees this market trend will exceed the traditional distributor’s role of “buy and sell”, and devotes to be a “value-added distributor with leading technology” to agency the world famous electronic components brand to consolidate resource to assist customer to reduce RD schedule and then enhance competition in this market.


Radio frequency technology is commonly called RF thus we have adopted Rafael’s name for its R and F. Rafael Micro was founded in November 2006 and the staff are senior RF professionals in the semiconductor industry. A global leader in RF IC design, we are also the only supplier in Greater China with the ability to penetrate high-end home appliances. Accumulating more than 630 million unit shipments with rigorous reliability inspection has earned our customers' trust and built a strong reputation.


  • 4K/8K (UHD)/HDR/HD/Analog TV Receiver
  • Terrestrial/Cable/Satellite Set-Top Box Receiver
  • Satellite Broadcast Reception & Distribution
  • Fiber Optics
  • RF Connectivity
  • RF Network Power Amplifiers
  • Application Specific


Tempo Semiconductor, Inc., combines its extensive IP portfolio in ultra-low power mixed-signal, analog and DSP technology to deliver not only silicon but firmware, software, board level design files that enable complete turn-key solutions, which enhance our customer’s end-user audio experience all while accelerating their time to market.


  • I2S Codecs and Hubs
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Discrete Products
  • HDA Codecs
  • AC'97 Codecs
  • Software

Taiwan ROHM Semiconductor was founded in 1987 with the main business focuses on development, design and sales of semiconductor parts in Taiwan.

It primarily supplies parts to customers like SONY, CANON, PIONEER, FUJITSU, FUJITSU TEN, TOYOTA and SHARP.

Quality comes first is the belief that Taiwan ROHM Semiconductor stands on. It actively pursues and carries out quality assurance and creating global leading products.

Taiwan ROHM Semiconductor continually upgrades its fundamental technologies to sustain and improve corporate development by consistently supplying great number of outstanding products to the world and help to move forward global civilization.


  • ICs

  • Discrete Semiconductors

  • Power Device

  • Passive Devices

  • Module (Sub Systems)

  • Opto Device

  • Commercial Products

Eutech Microelectronics Inc. was established in 2001 as a company for high efficient analog and mixed signals semiconductors. Eutech Microelectronics Inc. has been actively devoted in the development of combination of multi layer technologies such as: audio frequency magnifying, DC/DC (Direct Current) power source conversion, Lithium battery charging and DC fan motor driving. At this date, Eutech Microelectronics Inc. is able to supply better quality analog and signal IC products. Eutech Microelectronics Inc. is a semiconductor company that does not run wafer fabrication facilities. Head quarter is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Eutech Microelectronics Inc. has set up a few sales and research and development offices in China. With consistent investment and technical development, strengthening the relationship with our partners in the wafer foundry and packaging/testing industries, we will continue focus on the market of smart phone, tablet computer, two in one notebook, LCD TV and monitor, STB/OTT internet of things device, DC cooling fan, LED lighting and AC/DC charger/adapter to expedite the significant growth of Eutech Microelectronics Inc. in the coming years.


  • Audio Amplifier
  • White LED Driver
  • Motor Driver
  • Power ICs

APEC (Advenced Power Electronics Corp. ) was established in 1998 as the first IC design company that successfully integreated 6 inches DMOS manufacturing process in Taiwan. APEC provides integrated solution for MOSFET, IGBT and POWER ICs which require new demand of power and obtained ISO9001 certification. These have been extensively applied in the fields of computer, consumer electronics, monitor, telecomnication and industry. Due to the larger economic scale and stable growth of its sales, APEC has the advantage of being selected to be a strategic partnership. Improving economic scale of its products with commitment of consistent quality assurance, APEC has achieved its leadership position in the MOSFET component supplying market.


  • SUPER Junction
  • IGBTs

RDM Technology (RDM Technology Co., Ltd. ) is a specialized company for designing and manufacturing ultra-wideband noise suppressor and ultra-wideband antenna. It also provides specialized EMC/ESD designing and consulting, rectify and reform service, assisting customers for certifications, designing and manufacturing cutomized EMC related high level electronic parts and components. After having experienced research and development for many years, RDM Technology has successfully developped specialized skills that is exclusive internationally and able to provide perfact solution for electric magnetic compatibility and redio frequency interference. This enables RDM Technology to be a leader in its specialized area. 


  • Ultra Wide Band Suppressor
  • ESD ICs
  • Common-Mode Choke
  • Differential-Mode Choke
  • Absorber
  • Conductive Fabric
  • Measurement Equipment