Texchu Group was founded in March 1978 as one of the early pioneers of EMI counter-measure materials in Taiwan. Our operations are primarily located in the Greater China, including Taiwan and mainland China. Over the years, we uphold the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, service," and based on the principle of product development, "Science take it roots in life and health originates in nature," we have subsequently established Texchu Technology Co., Ld. (originally Tex Chu Trading Co., Ltd.), Tex Yea Corporation and Dongguan Texchu Electronics Co., Ltd. Our sales and service have spanned the four areas and fields of electronic materials and components, industrial materials and biotechnology.

Texchu Technology Co., Ld. has been the commercial agent for SUN STAR and IIDA INDUSTRY, the two major manufacturers specializing in adhesives and sealants, providing waterproof, shockproof, reinforcing and glass adhesive materials for Japan's renowned automobile manufacturers, such as TOYOTA, NISSAN and HONDA…etc, and in Taiwan for Kuozui (TOYOTA), Yulong (NISSAN), China Motor (MITSUBISHI) as some contributing effort in the car-making industry and in anticipation for bringing more humane and Convenient quality of life.

To expand our market map, we founded Dongguan Texchu Electronics Corporation in China in July 2004, formally made inroads into the field of electronic materials manufacturing. We have most advanced professional automated production equipment, to produce EMI counter-measure materials and provide punching, mold cutting and other processing services of various construction materials for computer, communications and consumer electronics products (3C Industry). In addition to product sales, we also provide necessary "technical advice" and "professional ODM" services as comprehensive solutions and referential design service for our customers. We also assist our customers in integrating resources and reducing the time and cost of research and development for quicker product launch in the hope of becoming a "customer's best partner" in the process of continuous moving forward.

Tex Yea Technology Co., Ltd. has been the agent of ROHM, one of Japan's well-known parts manufacturer and some from around the global, and have provided a variety of semiconductor components required for domestic and foreign IT manufacturers. We have upheld the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation and service" and we have constantly improved the efficiency of supply chain management, product quality and innovative technology. We have held the professional attitude and spirit of integrity in anticipation to become a well-rounded passive components supplier and receive appreciation and recognition from all customers.

While making our part of contribution to the science and technology industry, we have been deeply convinced that only health can assure us of high quality life. Based on the principle of product development, "Health originates in nature," we imported in various health and beauty products from Japan's Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd., and the MRET magnetic energy neutralizers in the U.S. and carefully selected all kinds of non-added and highly efficient products, with science and technology combined. We provide consumers with modern, scientific and convenient products with safety, and bring our customers the 21st century's quality life without burden.

For more than 30 years, we are convinced that: "customer" is the lifeblood of Texchu, whose existence is based on the customer's trust and needs. We provide customers with intimate service and excellent products with a high degree of enthusiasm, and bring "health," the fundamental elements of life, to all our clients and their families, and we build a commercial platform of the two major fields, Science & Technology, and Health, and the corporate culture of enabling individual creativity and group cooperation to exert themselves to the full, and the appealing product items that could meet customers' expectation. With Texchu's spirit of integrity we provide services to our customers and give them feedbacks to create a mutually beneficial and sustainable business.